The SCOAP3 initiative has been supported from April 2011 to December 2013 by a Steering Committee, representing the broad cross-section of the SCOAP3 partnership, with a charge to co-ordinate the SCOAP3 tendering process, designing the consortium governance, and bringing the initiative into its operational phase.

The members of this Steering Committee were:

  • Jun Adachi, NII, Japan
  • Paul Ayris, JISC Collections, U.K.
  • Stefano Bianco, INFN, Italy
  • Miriam Blake, LANL, U.S.
  • Martin Koehler, DESY, Germany
  • Salvatore Mele, CERN, Switzerland (Convener)
  • Joao Moreira, FCCN, Portugal
  • Ann Okerson, CRL, U.S.
  • Ralf Schimmer, MPG, Germany
  • Xiaolin Zhang, CAS, China
  • Ivy Anderson. CDL, U.S. (ex-officio Technical Working Group liaison)

The Steering Committee was supported by a Technical Working Group, with a mandate to “address the key question of the price reduction for content today in large-scale subscription packages and eventually to be converted by SCOAP3 to Open Access [...and] collect requirements, analyse principles, and suggest ways forward toward a concrete implementation and monitoring.”

The participants to this Technical Working Group were:

  • Ivy Anderson, CDL, U.S. (chair)
  • Paola Gargiulo, CASPUR, Italy
  • Anne Gentil-Beccot, CERN, Switzerland
  • Paul Harwood, JISC Collections, U.K.
  • Carol Hoover, LANL, U.S.
  • Tomonari Kinto, Tokyo, Japan [With support from Satoru Kinoshita]
  • Angelika Kutz, TIB, Germany
  • Tom Sanville, LYRASIS, U.S.
  • Jiancheng Zheng, CAS, China