CERN, April 6th 2011

On April 6th 2011 representatives from countries and institutions which have pledged support to the SCOAP3 vision convened at CERN for a meeting chaired by the CERN Director General.

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, gave an opening address to the meeting.

Delegates assessed the progress of the SCOAP3 initiative over the recent past and listened to representatives from large publishing operations in the subject area of High-Energy Physics, who shared their opinion on the SCOAP3 model and their intention to participate in a SCOAP3 call for tender aiming to convert to Open Access the high-quality peer-reviewed literature in the field. Presentations, transcripts and video from the participating publishers, APS, Elsevier, IOPp, SISSA and Springer, are available here below.

A Q&A session to the publisher panel highlighted their interest in further exploring the opportunities of SCOAP3, as well as their shared concern on its sustainability. SCOAP3 partners reaffirmed the importance of a mutual understanding with the publishing industry on the principles, and the details, of pricing reduction of large-scale purchase of journal subscriptions which will include content eventually covered by SCOAP3.

A closed session of the meeting, including statements from countries still in the process of working towards SCOAP3 membership, evaluated strategic options for the future of SCOAP3. Delegates reached consensus to move the initiative toward an operational phase. A first concrete step is the start of a tendering process, so to assess the financial viability of the SCOAP3 concept, conditional to further countries and partners joining the SCOAP3 consortium. A steering committee, representing the broad cross-section of the SCOAP3 partnership, is being formed to steer the initiative through this and the following phases. A technical study will also be performed to assess opportunities for price reduction of large subscription packages for SCOAP3 partner libraries.