SCOAP3 Repository

All articles funded by SCOAP3 appear in the SCOAP3 repository upon publication. Several formats are available, including PDF, PDF/A and XML. Articles are published under a CC-BY license and can be freely downloaded and further disseminated. The repository metadata is also available under a CC0 license. These metadata include article DOIs and the ORCIDs of authors, when available.

The scope of the SCOAP3 repository is neither to duplicate arXiv nor the publisher platforms, nor offer value-added services such as those of INSPIRE. It is rather a staging platform, for further distribution of information.

Several additional services for the SCOAP3 partnership are being developed on the SCOAP3 repository, with the support of the SCOAP3 Repository Steering and Support Working Group and listening to requests from the SCOAP3 community.

  • OAI-PMH feeds and tag description.
  • RSS feeds to build alerts for particular queries (e.g. when articles from a given institution appear).
  • API access for SCOAP3 partners with dedicated tokens and response times.
  • Advanced query builders (e.g. to allow combination of arbitrary sets of terms to identify subset of articles).
  • Improved author attribution, in partnership with participating publishers, INSPIRE and ORCID.
  • Advanced handling of author affiliations, with the input and support of the SCOAP3 community.

Services will be available in this order, as we fully customize the underlying Invenio software, and build the additional solutions. One of the challenges in building these services is that author names, and institution names, are not yet standardized. Leveraging partnership with publishers and the wider community will constantly improve data and the quality of these services.

The combination of these services will allow to build interoperability solutions for SCOAP3 partners. As an example, articles from authors identified to belong to a given institutions, could automatically appear in the corresponding institutional repositories.

The repository has been launched in early February 2014 and is continuously being upgraded. It is accessible here.

The repository is built on top of the CERN Invenio digital library open source platform, and the source code is available on GitHub.

For any comments on the repository and the development plan, please contact us via e-mail.