SCOAP3 Journals: APCs and articles

The SCOAP3 tendering process conducted by CERN for the benefit of SCOAP3, resulted in agreed-upon Article Processing Charges (APCs) for SCOAP3 participating journals.

Within the SCOAP3 model, these APCs are not paid by authors, but centrally by SCOAP3, from a common fund to which libraries, library consortia, research institutions and funding agencies jointly contribute.

Following the effective award of contracts to several journals, and starting January 1st 2014, these journals will publish all SCOAP3 Articles submitted by any author as Open Access in perpetuity under a CC-BY license. Publishers will reduce their subscription fees, where those exist, to account for this conversion of entire journals, or parts thereof, to Open Access.

SCOAP3 Articles are defined as either all articles appearing in journals mostly carrying High-Energy Physics content, or articles appearing in “broad band” journals which have been submitted by researchers to under the corresponding categories.

In detail, the maximum yearly payment by SCOAP3 for each journal in 2014 will be based on the individual journal APC and number of SCOAP3 Articles published in 2011 (the latest year for which complete data were available at the time of tendering). The APCs themselves and the SCOAP3 budget envelope are fixed for the duration of the three-year contract period (through 2016). In 2015 and 2016, the maximum yearly payments are eligible to grow at a capped rate of between 8% for “large” journals and 50% for “small” journals, to account for potential growth in the number of articles and the dynamics introduced by SCOAP3.

Taking into account the expected growth of the journals, the SCOAP3 average APC is 1150EUR.

The APCs, the reference number of SCOAP3 Articles for 2011 and the corresponding fraction of each journal appear here, in alphabetical order:

Publisher Journal SCOAP3Articles (In 2011) SCOAP3Percentage of journal (In 2011) Article Processing Charge
Elsevier Physics Letters B 1010 100% 1800 USD
Elsevier Nuclear Physics B 284 100% 2000 USD
Hindawi Advances in High Energy Physics 28 100% 1000 USD
Institute of Physics Publishing/Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese Physics C 16 7.2% 1000 GBP
Institute of Physics Publishing/Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft New Journal of Physics 20 2.7% 1200 GBP
Institute of Physics Publishing/SISSA Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 138 30.9% 1400 GBP
Jagiellonian University Acta Physica Polonica B 32 22.1% 500 EUR
Oxford University Press/Physical Society of Japan Progress of Theoretical Physics (to become PTEP) 46 36.2% 1000 GBP
Springer/Società Italiana di Fisica European Physical Journal C 326 100% 1500 EUR
Springer/SISSA Journal of High Energy Physics 1652 100% 1200 EUR

NOTE – As of June 19th 2013, APS has restructured its Open Access strategy, and, regrettably, Physical Review C and Physical Review D are no longer among the journals participating in SCOAP3