The High Energy Physics community strongly encourages Open Access publishing. The following statement was approved by the ALICEATLASCMSLHCb andTOTEM Collaboration Boards in February-March 2007:

We strongly encourage the usage of electronic publishing methods for our publications and support the principle of Open Access Publishing, which includes granting free access of our publications to all. Furthermore, we encourage all collaboration members to publish in easily accessible journals, following the Open Access Paradigm.

The ALICE Collaboration represents over 1’000 physicists, engineers and technicians from 104 institutions and 30 countries;

The ATLAS Collaboration represents about 1’800 physicists including about 400 students from 150 universities and laboratories spread over 35 countries;

The CMS Collaboration represents about 2’000 scientists and engineers including 400 students from 159 institutions spread over 35 countries;

The LHCb Collaboration represents about 600 physicists from 46 universities and other institutions spread over 14 countries;

The TOTEM Collaboration represents about 135 physicists from 20 universities and other institutions spread over 14 countries.