SCOAP3 is on track to meet its target start date of January 1st, 2014.

At a recent meeting in May, the international SCOAP3 partnership reaffirmed its commitment to SCOAP3. The initiative, with the full support of CERN, is now ready to move to its next step: signing contracts with publishers and establishing the consortium.

In recent weeks, SCOAP3 partners and publishers have been working hard to make the large-scale conversion of High-Energy Physics subscription journals to Open Access a reality. Reductions to current subscriptions costs have been calculated, and for many libraries and countries the process is nearing completion

In a parallel development, APS has restructured its Open Access strategy, and, regrettably, Physical Review C and Physical Review D are no longer among the journals participating in SCOAP3.

In partnership with 11 publishers and learned societies, CERN and the SCOAP3 community of hundreds of libraries worldwide continue their ground-breaking journey. Together, this collaboration will provide Open Access to thousands of High-Energy Physics articles published in 10 journals. This will include the first-of-its-kind ‘flip’ to Open Access of 4 entire subscription journals.

SCOAP3 is looking forward to welcome new partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia.