The SCOAP3 model is built on redirecting funds currently used to pay for subscriptions to participating journals to support their converstion to Open Access, as well as to cover APCs in existing Open Access journals.

Our global network of National Contact Points is now moving the process ahead at full speed. In the last few weeks, Elsevier, IOPp and Springer, together with their publishing partners, have been working to arrange reductions in subscriptions for thousands of participating libraries worldwide. Everything is ready for subscriptions to journals fully participating to SCOAP3 to end in 2013, and reductions in existing licenses to be put in place. As well, subscription fees will be proportionally reduced for journals where SCOAP3 will support publication of individual articles.

SCOAP3 needs the support of the worldwide library community to sustain this unprecedented initiative. We invite any and all libraries that subscribe to any of the SCOAP3journals to contact [email protected] to learn more about possible reductions in their subscription costs and how these reductions will support the global SCOAP3 open access project.