The SCOAP3 Open Access initiative has a unique potential to transform scholarly communication. It offers an opportunity to U.S. libraries of all sizes to experiment with Open Access in a cost-neutral fashion and make a real difference in Open Access. Come to the SCOAP3 forum at ALA in Chicago on July 11th to learn how you can get involved!

SCOAP3 aims to convert High-Energy Physics literature to Open Access by re-directing current subscription expenditures to a consortium that will centrally pay journals for peer-review and other editorial services, making articles Open Access. This is an innovative, cost-neutral, way to achieve Open Access without incurring in additional author fees.

SCOAP3 has so far collected pledges for a total of 9 Million $/year from partners in 22 countries, corresponding to 63% of its worldwide budget envelope. In the U.S., leading libraries and library consortia signed an Expression of Interest pledging to support the SCOAP3 initiative, if successful. These pledges represent 2.5 Million $/year, over 70% of the expected U.S. contribution. However, additional pledges for about 1 Million $/year are still needed to allow the initiative to move forward.

This forum, hosted by SCOAP3 spokesperson Salvatore Mele from CERN, complements the recent SCOAP3 ACRL and SPARC FAQs and webcast. It will present an overview of the SCOAP3 initiative and answer questions on the way the consortium will work.

The ALA event will take place on Saturday, July 11th 2009, 12:00pm-2:00pm at the Hyatt Regency, 151 East Wacker Drive, Truffles Room. Attendance is free and a light lunch will be available, but participants are kindly invited to register online at where questions can be submitted in advance.