The Libraries of the major Chinese research institutions active in High-Energy Physics have written an open letter in support of the SCOAP33 initiative, while working on its implementation in China. This is a crucial step in the extension of the SCOAP3 partnership in Asia. Today, SCOAP3 counts partners in 24 countries across the world, which have collectively pledged over 7 Million Euros per annum to SCOAP3, over 70% of its projected budget envelope. A partnership with China would raise these pledge of a further 6%, bringing SCOAP3 much closer to its next step: the constitution of an international governing board and a call for tender to publishers in the field to convert their journals to Open Access.

The text of the open letter follows.

An Open Letter to Support SCOAP3 Initiative in Higher Energy Physics
November 11, 2010

Open access to scientific information is an important mechanism to promote timely and fast dissemination of research output and to ensure the rights of public access to knowledge. Open access is also an effective means for science and research to support education, facilitate innovation, and better serve the society. SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) is a leading and innovative initiative by the international high energy physics (HEP) field to transfer the key journals in HEP into open access publishing journals, thus ensuring the open access to HEP knowledge by the world.
We, the undersigned libraries, represent the major institutions in mainland China engaging in HEP research and in subscription of key international HEP journals. We support the SCOAP3 initiative, and will joint request that the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) and the National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) under MOST join the SCOAP3 initiative through the national scientific literature platform program. We will support NSTL to participate in SCOAP3 activities on behalf of Chinese libraries, and will work with NSTL to facilitate the implementation of the SCOAP3 initiative in China.

Library of Peking University
Library of Tsinghua University
Library of Zhejiang University
Library of Chinese University of Science and Technology
Library of Fudan University
Library of Beijing Normal University
Library of Nankai University
Library of Lanzhou University
Library of Nanjing Normal University
Library of Huazhong Normal University
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences