At a recent meeting of the SCOAP3 partnership, a consensus decision was reached to move this initiative forward toward its implementation phase. A crucial step of this process will be an invitation to the potential SCOAP3 publishing partners to tender for the peer-review, Open Access and other editorial services for the field of High-Energy Physics.

In the last few weeks the newly formed SCOAP3steering committee, representing the broad cross-section of the SCOAP3 partnership, and a technical working group of international library experts have made progress in preparing the SCOAP3 call for tender.

The first step will be a public Market Survey which will engage the SCOAP3 publishing partners, describe in details the implementation of the SCOAP3 model and examine opportunities for price reduction for partner libraries who will re-direct their subscriptions to SCOAP3.

SCOAP3 anticipates to issue this public market survey in the coming weeks.