SCOAP3 is pleased to announce that its tendering process is now complete.

Acting for the benefit of SCOAP3, CERN conducted the tendering process and, on the basis of the bids submitted by publishers, has identified 12 journals from 7 publishers for participation in SCOAP3. This open and competitive procedure took into account the quality of the journals (as measured by Impact Factor), the quality of the services provided (as measured by re-use licenses and delivery formats), and the unit price for publishing each article.

Over 6’600 articles eligible for inclusion in SCOAP3 were published in these journals in 2011, comprising the vast majority of the high-quality peer-reviewed literature in the field of High Energy Physics.

Articles funded by SCOAP3 will be available Open Access in perpetuity, under a CC-BY license, while publishers will reduce their subscription fees accordingly. Detailed technical specifications are publicly available

Taking into account the projected SCOAP3 budget envelope of 10M 5M EUR/year, publishers and journals to which a contract for Peer Review, Open Access and related publishing services may be awarded, include, in alphabetical order:

In addition, CERN and SCOAP3 will collaborate with leading publishers to foster Open Access to selected articles of relevance for HEP, including the APS high-impact factor journal Physical Review Letters.

CERN will publish the agreed upon prices for the SCOAP3 article processing charges after the next session of its Finance Committee, to take place on September 19th, 2012.

The effective award of contracts, covering content which will be published in the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, will follow the successful conclusion of three next crucial steps in the SCOAP3 process, already well underway:

  1. reconciliation of subscription fee reductions between publishers and SCOAP3 participating libraries, to take place in the last quarter of 2012;
  2. conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between CERN and SCOAP3 Partners, which will define a robust governance structure to oversee the operation and future development of SCOAP3.
  3. completion of the SCOAP3 budget envelope through re-direction of those subscription funds by existing and prospective partners.

Additional information will be forthcoming, on a regional basis, in the coming weeks.

NOTE – As of June 19th 2013, APS has restructured its Open Access strategy, and, regrettably, Physical Review C and Physical Review D are no longer among the journals participating in SCOAP3. The budget envelope is thus reduced to 5 MEUR/year.