Following the successful launch of the SCOAP3 initiative at CERN on October 1st 2012, and as the initiative moves into its implementation phase, LYRASIS has been identified as the SCOAP3National Contact Point in the U.S..

In the SCOAP3 funding model, libraries, library consortia, research institutions and funding agencies will re-direct, on a national basis, resources currently used to subscribe to journal content to directly pay for the peer-review service through established high-quality journals, whose content will become Open Access. Each country will contribute in proportion to its contributions to the literature of the field. In the US, this amounts to $3.5 million per year. LYRASIS will serve the U.S. community through the tasks ahead: Identifying prospective participating libraries and contacting them; Helping them through the process of calculating and securing reductions in their current subscriptions to titles of participating publishers; Setting the framework for their participation to SCOAP3 through firm pledges.

US libraries with interest in High Energy Physics which have previously submitted an Expression of Interest in SCOAP3 as well as other libraries, library consortia and research institutions can now get more detailed information from Ann Okerson, National Contact Person, at [email protected] or [email protected].