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MarcXML documentation

  • Information on MarcXML can be found at The Library of Congress webiste.
  • Official documentation of MARC 21 and a full tag description is availableĀ here.
  • The table bellow contains description and examples for tags and sub-fields used in SCOAP3.
TagIndicator 1Indicator 2SubfieldDescriptionAccepted valueMandatoryRepeatableNotesExample
001---SCOAP3 unique record IDIntegeryesno2345
005---Last record modification time-stampFloat (?)yesno20150415013156.0
0247-DOI identifier-yesno-
2Type of identifierStringyesnoIn this case the value will always be "DOI";
This can be also used as unique identifier for the record
aIdentifieIDOI formatyesno10.1088/1674-1137/38/6/063102
037--ArXiv identifierStringnoyes-
2Type of identifierStringyesnoIn this case the value will always be "arXiv"arXiv
aIdentifierarXiv ID formatyesno1308.1535
100--First author-noyesFirst author as seen in the metadata - first doesn't necesarily mean "main" author of a paper-
aNameStringyesnoAs in publisher's metadata (order?)Doe, John
vAffiliationStringnoyesAs in publisher's metadataYerevan Physics Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
jORCIDORCID formatnonoORCID:0000-0001-5000-2897
245--Title of a paper-yesno-
aThe titleString + MathMLyesnoPhase Transition of the Higher Dimensional Charged...
260--Publication information-yesno-
bPublisher's nameStringyesnoOxford University Press
cDate of publicationDate (yyyy-mm-dd)yesno2015-03-01
300--Number of pages in PDF-nono-
aNumber of pagesString/Integeryesno9
aAbstractString + MathML + Latexyesno-
uURL to license documentationURLyesnohttp://creative.../by/3.0/
fCopyrightsStringyesnoThe Authors
700--Other author-noyesAuthor other than first;
As in publisher's metadata.
aNameStringyesnoDoe, John
vAffiliationStringnoyesYerevan Physics Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
jORCIDORCID formatnonoORCID:0000-0001-5000-2897
773--journal information-yesno-
cFirstĀ­-last pageStringnono1-3
nIssu numberIntegernono1
pJournal name or abreviationStringyesnoAdvances in High Energy Physics
8564-URL links to XML and fulltext filesURL links to XML and fulltext files (typically XML, PDF and/or PDF/a) -
sSize in bytesIntegeryesno2675
uURLURLyesnohttps://repo...fulltext.pdf subformat=pdfa
xSub-format of a fileStringnonoUsed to distinguish PDF from PDF/Apdf;pdf/a

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