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The repository search engine allows simple free-text queries. At the same time,  the nature of bibliographic searching differs from that of a web page searching. The repository enables precise, structured, search to build exact queries. This page lists several useful trips and tricks.

Please note that for some bibliographic fields, such as author and affiliation, a challenge exists: author names, and institution names, are not yet standardized, and are recorded as provided by participating publishers. Leveraging partnership with publishers, other services and the wider SCOAP3 community will constantly improve the quality of these data, as SCOAP3 moves forward.

The repository uses ElasticSearch 6.2.4 (soon to be updated to version 6) both for the API and for the user friendly search. If in need to create more advanced queries, the ElasticSearch Query String documentation can prove useful.

Detailed documentation is available on our GitHub Wiki.


The website provides the possibility to filter for date, country, and journal through facets. These are visible before entering a search query and after it as well. On the results page the following facets can be found:

  • Year: filters for the publication date. It is possible to select a single year or a range.
  • Country: filters for the affiliations of the authors. Only articles with at least one author having an affiliation with the selected country will be displayed. Note that there is an AND relation between the selected countries.
  • Journal: filters for the journal in which the article was published.

Queries using a query string

It is possible to use a query string along with the facets. This will result in an AND logical connection between the query text and the selected facets. For more advanced usage consulting the ElasticSearch Query String documentation can prove useful.

Frequently used queries

Search by journal

  • Select a journal name from the list of journals on the main page, or
  • On the search results page, select a Journal filter from the facet on the left hand side,or
  • Enter the name of the journal as a query using journal keyword:
    • journal:”Acta Physica Polonica B”,
    • or using abbreviation journal:APPB.

Search by year

  • Enter the desired year as a query using year keyword:
    • year:2019,
    • or a range search: year:>=2017 – all articles published in 2017 or later
  • On the search results page, use a Year filter from the facet on the left hand side – this supports a single year or a range.

Search by date

  • Enter the desired date as a query using date keyword:
    • date:2019-01-02,
    • or a range search: date:>2018-01-01 – all articles after 1st of January 2018

Note: date:2019 is equivalent to date:2019-01-01.

Search by country

  • On the main page, select tab SCOAP3 partner countries and select one of the countries on the list, or
  • on the results page, use a Country filter from the facet on the left hand side – this supports multiple selections.
  • Enter the desired country as a query using country field: country:Hungary or country:USA

Note: only articles that have affiliation with all selected countries will be displayed. The list of available countries (visible in facets) always depends on the current results, so if there is no article associated with a country that country won’t be displayed in the filter.

Search by author

Enter the desired author as a query using author field: author:”John Doe”.

Search by author affiliation

Enter the desired affiliation as a query using affiliation field: affiliation:”University of Oklahoma”.

Search by DOI

Enter the desired DOI as a query using doi field: doi:”10.1016/j.physletb.2018.01.002″.

Search by arXiv

Search directly with the arXiv ID, without additional fields: 1808.02380.

Multiple filters

If there is more than one phrase in the search text, those will be connected with logical AND.


  • articles that are affiliated with Hungary and China.
    • country:Hungary country:China
    • country:Hungary AND country:China
    • country:(Hungary AND China) It is also possible to use the logical OR field if needed.
  • articles that are affiliated with Hungary or China:
    • country:Hungary OR country:China
    • country:(Hungary OR China)


It’s also possible to negate something, with the NOT keyword.

Example: articles that are affiliated with China but NOT with Hungary (following three queries are identical in their meaning):

  • country:(NOT Hungary) country:China
  • country:(NOT Hungary) AND country:China
  • country:((NOT Hungary) AND China)

Usable fields

  • journal: contains the journal in which the article was published.
  • author: contains all the full names of the authors.
  • country: contains all the countries from the affiliations.
  • affiliation: contains all the affiliations from the authors.
  • control_number: contains the internal identifier assigned to the record (former recid).
  • record_creation_date: contains the date when the record was (first) added to the SCOAP3 repository.
  • title: contains the titles of the article.
  • doi: contains the dois of the article.
  • date: alias for the record_creation_date

Note: all fields are case-sensitive.

The SCOAP3 team wants to specifically thank Tamas Nyiri for his contributions in developing the new version of this repository and in preparing all the related documentation.