What is SCOAP3? How does it work?

SCOAP3 Governing Council meeting March 23-24th 2017

The SCOAP3 Governing Council held its seventh meeting at CERN on March 23-24th 2017. 38 delegates (and 5 observers) from 29 countries attended, representing all geographical regions. The meeting covered a large number of reporting, governance and strategic issues.

The Governing Council heard reports from the SCOAP3 Executive Committee and CERN operations team on the last year of operations and the final book-closing of the first 3-years cycle of SCOAP3. Of particular significance were the final results: from January 2014 through December 2016, 13,368 articles were published Open Access in journals of the participating publishers. A total expenditure of 13.9 million Euro corresponds to an average expenditure per article of 1,040 Euro. Information was shared on new organizations having recently joined, additional institutions in participating countries being interested to support the initiative and, most important, renewed interest in countries not yet participating.

As the initiative matures, some of the initial governance appointments came to an end. The Governing Council elected Ivy Anderson as its new Chair, and Matthew Marsteller, Florian Schwennsen and Xiaolin Zhang to the Executive Committee. The meeting was focused, in large part, on strategic scenarios for the growth of SCOAP3 to cover more High-Energy Physics content. The council held in-depth discussion and came to a consensus on current opportunities.