What is SCOAP3? How does it work?

SCOAP3 Governing Council meeting May 3-4th 2018

The SCOAP3 Governing Council held its eight meeting at CERN on May 3-4th 2018, with attendance by 33 delegates and 7 observers, representing 36 countries and intergovernmental organizations.

The 2-day meeting covered operational and governance matters in the life of the initiative and, most important, a long-term strategy discussion. Important decisions were taken for future of the initiative beyond the current 3-year cycle (2017-2019).

The SCOAP3 Governing Council heard reports and in-depth analyses from the SCOAP3 Executive Committee, the CERN operations team, and ad-hoc working groups. The SCOAP3 Governing Council delegates agreed on a strategy to continue the SCOAP3 initiative for at least three more years, with an option for further continuation. Delegates also approved the exploration of concrete options to expand the SCOAP3 Open Access opportunities. All partners renewed their support of the operation and formally asked the CERN to prepare the next contract cycle under the SCOAP3 Executive Committee oversight and pending final approvals later in 2018.

With the initiative operational since 2014, some governance appointments drew to an end. The Governing Council appointed Natalia Grygierczyk (NL) as new member of the Executive Committee, and re-appointed Clare Appavoo (CA) for a final term on the Executive Committee and elected Brigitte Kromp (AT) as Governing Council Deputy Chair and SCOAP3 Forum Chair.