What is SCOAP3? How does it work?

SCOAP3 Governing Council meeting October 29-30th 2019

The SCOAP3 Governing Council held its ninth in-person meeting at CERN on October 29-30th 2019, with attendance by 34 delegates and 5 observers, representing 27 countries and intergovernmental organizations.

During the first day of the meeting, the GC received updates on operational and governance matters including reports from the SCOAP3 Executive Committee, the CERN operations team, and various working groups. As the conclusion of the second 3-year cycle of SCOAP3 approaches, the remainder of the day was devoted to an in-depth review of the first six years of SCOAP3. Delegates reflected on the value of SCOAP3 for their countries or institutions, in the context of the changing OA landscape.

During the second day, the SCOAP3 Governing Council discussed how the partnership could add further value to the community in the future, beyond the existing arrangements to support journal publications. Delegates discussed options how the initiative may expand in the evolving scholarly communications landscape and approved the exploration of concrete ideas to remove the paywall to other literature relevant for particle physics.

The final topic under discussion was the appointment of two Executive Committee positions as two current member terms are coming to an end. The Governing Council appointed Anna Vernon (UK) as a new member of the SCOAP3 Executive Committee for a term of two years and confirmed Natalia Grygierczyk (NL) for a second two-year term.