What is SCOAP3? How does it work?

SCOAP3 Governing Council meeting March 18th 2016

The SCOAP3 Governing Council held its sixth meeting in a remote session on March 18th 2016. It was attended by 33 delegates (and 5 observers), representing 38 countries and intergovernmental organisations. With over 2/3 of the seats and representatives from all geographical regions, the meeting was quorate for all decisions on the agenda. The meeting was dedicated to complete the preparation of the continuation of SCOAP3 for its second 3-year cycle (2017-2019).

After hearing an update on the operations (10’000 articles have been published to date, for an average cost of 1,100 Euros) and the discussions with publishers, three important decisions were taken:

  • First, the SCOAP3 Governing Council approved the list and conditions of all journals participating in the second phase.
  • Consequently, a total budget for the second phase was approved.
  • Third, the principles for apportioning the budget to each country were confirmed.

The SCOAPGoverning Council asked CERN, in its role as the SCOAP3 host organization, to sign the corresponding contracts with participating publishers.