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ACRL Supports SCOAP3

June 19, 2008

The Association of College and Research Libraries, ACRL, has issued a letter of support for the SCOAP3 initiative, where it “welcomes this experiment in new funding models and recognizes its potential to inform scholarly publishing more globally” and states that it “believes that SCOAP3 is a valuable addition to the heterogeneous mix of strategies being […]

UKB, the Dutch consortium of the thirteen university libraries and the National Library of the Netherlands, and NIKHEF, the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands, have joined SCOAP3. M.A.M. Heijne, the president of UKB, commented: “I sincerely hope that this project will be an opportunity to show the world that the challenges in […]


June 9, 2008

JISC has joined SCOAP3 on behalf of UK Higher Education Institutions who have pledged to re-direct their current expenditures on High-Energy Physics journals to this Open Access initiative. Dr. Malcolm Read, JISC Executive Secretary, commented: “JISC strongly supports moves towards making scholarly resources openly available, in a sustainable manner that brings value for money to […]

Australia has joined SCOAP3, through a partnership of six Universities: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Western Australia, New South Wales and the Australian National University The University of Melbourne declared: “Australian universities have a long historyof collaboration to provide the advanced scholarly informationinfrastructure required to support research and innovation. Now, morethan perhaps ever before, collaboration across national […]

Five more U.S. institutions have expressed their interest in redirecting their subscriptions to High-Energy Physics journals to SCOAP3: Emory University Lewis and Clark College University of Hawai’i University of Kansas University of Wisconsin at Madison With these accessions SCOAP3 now counts 24 partners in the United States in addition to partners representing 12 European Countries […]

Belgium joins SCOAP3

April 23, 2008

The Institut Interuniversitaire des Sciences NuclĂ©airesof the Belgian National Foundation for Scientific Research,Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS has joined SCOAP3 on behalf of Belgium. The SCOAP3 membership now consists of 12 European countries and a growing number of U.S. library and library consortia which have collectively pledged about 3 Million Euros, or 5 […]

The Deans and Directors of the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), a consortium of 31 research libraries in the mid-western and western United States, endorsed the SCOAP3 project. They expressed interest in redirecting their subscription expenditures in High-Energy Physics journals toward the SCOAP3 project.

ARL, the Association of Research Libraries, has published in its Bimonthly Report, no. 257 (April 2008) an essay by Ivy Anderson encouraging libraries to support SCOAP3. The essay remarks the “Audacity of SCOAP3” as being”non-disruptive to authors-and to a substantial degree, to publishers and societies” and having “the potential to fundamentally alter the role of […]

Maine InfoNet SCOAP3

April 9, 2008

Maine InfoNet has joined SCOAP3. Maine InfoNet is a service of the University of Maine System and the Maine State Library, which draws on a partnership of public, academic, school, and special libraries to establish a statewide Maine Digital Library. It joins other 19 U.S. institutions which have pledged to re-direct their subscriptions to High-Energy […]

ASERL, the Association of Souteastern Research Libraries, groups 38 U.S. Universities. The Board of ASERL, has voted a resolution in support of SCOAP3. “ASERL believes SCOAP3 is animportant and useful experiment to test the feasibility of a new method for supporting theproduction costs for set of open access publications, and […] urges its members tocarefully […]