The SCOAP3 Collaboration announces today that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, as ‘host organization’ of SCOAP3 has signed contracts with 11 leading commercial and society publishers to extend this large-scale Open Access initiative for a 3rd three-year term, covering the years 2020-2022. With the conclusion of the formal contracts, SCOAP3 will continue supporting authors worldwide to publish their research Open Access at no cost or burden. 

The same eleven journals will participate in this three-year extension of the initiative, of which eight are published by learned societies. All articles will be published Open Access in perpetuity, under Creative Commons CC-BY licenses at no direct cost to any authors. In addition to availability on the publishers’ platforms, articles will be also available on the SCOAP3 Repository, enabling partners to build value-added services.

SCOAP3 is a partnership of 3,000 libraries, funding agencies and research organizations from 43 countries and 3 intergovernmental organizations. In cooperation with leading scientific publishers and learned societies, SCOAP3 has supported the transition to Open Access of key journals in the field of High-Energy Physics as of 2014 and has served as inspiration for several other Open Access initiatives around the world. During the almost six years of SCOAP3 operation, 20,000 scientists from 120 countries have benefited from the opportunity to publish more than 30,000 Open Access articles free of charge.