January 28th 2014

The first Open Access articles sponsored by the SCOAP3 international initiative are now available. Almost 400 articles have already appeared in the first three weeks of 2014 in the journals of participating publishers

The first 2014 issues of  four large High-Energy Physics journals have fully ‘flipped’ to Open Access; High-Energy-Physics content in two broader subscription journals is now Open Access; and relevant articles in four more existing Open Access journals are now centrally supported by SCOAP3. This unprecedented large-scale result has been achieved through an international collaboration that is re-directing funds previously used for subscriptions, with the support of partners in 17 countries. Partners in eight more countries are about to formalize their participation in SCOAP3.

All articles sponsored by SCOAP3 are distributed under a CC-BY license and can be freely downloaded and redistributed. They can be immediately accessed from the websites of the participating publishers and, soon, from the SCOAP3 Repository. An initial list of articles is also available on the SCOAP3 web site.

SCOAP3 invites additional participation  from partners from the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, where scientists are already enjoying all the advantages of Open Access and corresponding reductions in library expenses are being implemented by participating publishers.