February 17th 2014

The SCOAP3 repository is now available at repo.scoap3.org

This beta version of the SCOAP3 repository contains all articles funded by SCOAP3 in several formats, including PDF, PDF/A and XML. All articles are published under a CC-BY license and can be freely downloaded and further disseminated. The repository metadata is also available under a CC0 license. Around 500 articles per month appear in the repository, immediately upon publication in 10 journals by 11 publishers and learned societies.

The scope of the SCOAP3 repository is neither to duplicate arXiv nor the publisher platforms, nor offer value-added services such as those of INSPIRE. Facilitated by the articles’ CC-BY license, the repository is a staging platform, for further distribution of information, and a way for participating institutions to assess the benefits of SCOAP3 to their scientific communities.

Further services from the repository will enable SCOAP3 partners to build dedicated feeds and alerts, as well as leveraging API access to populate other repositories. At a later stage, we will improve author attribution, in partnership with participating publishers, INSPIRE and ORCID, and handling of affiliations, with the input and support of the SCOAP3 community.

SCOAP3 is operated at CERN and run by an international collaboration that is re-directing funds previously used for subscriptions, with the support of partners in 17 countries. Partners in eight more countries are about to formalize their participation in SCOAP3.

SCOAP3 invites additional participation  from U.S. universities, library consortia in Latin America, and further key institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as libraries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Funds to support SCOAP3 are available through reductions in library expenses which are being implemented by participating publishers.