18Jul 2014

The SCOAP3 repository hosts Open Access articles published under the SCOAP3 initiative. It is built on Open Source software and is now open for the community to harvest content through OAI-PMH feeds. It has been recently featured at the Open Repository 2014 conference. The SCOAP3 initiative has converted to Open Access the majority of the literature in High-Energy […]

02Jul 2014

July 2nd, 2014 Two thousand Open Access articles have been published with SCOAP3 funding since January 2014 in 10 journals from 11 publishers and learned societies. These articles are released under a CC-BY license, and openly accessible on publishers websites. In addition, articles are also immediately available on the SCOAP3 repository at in several formats, including PDF/A and […]

17Feb 2014

February 17th 2014 The SCOAP3 repository is now available at This beta version of the SCOAP3 repository contains all articles funded by SCOAP3 in several formats, including PDF, PDF/A and XML. All articles are published under a CC-BY license and can be freely downloaded and further disseminated. The repository metadata is also available under a CC0 license. Around […]

28Jan 2014

January 28th 2014 The first Open Access articles sponsored by the SCOAP3 international initiative are now available. Almost 400 articles have already appeared in the first three weeks of 2014 in the journals of participating publishers The first 2014 issues of  four large High-Energy Physics journals have fully ‘flipped’ to Open Access; High-Energy-Physics content in two […]

05Dec 2013

[From a CERN Press Release] Geneva 5 December 2013. After intense preparations and consensus building, CERN[1] has today confirmed that the SCOAP3 Open Access publishing initiative will start on 1 January 2014. With the support of partners in 24 countries[2], a vast fraction of scientific articles in the field of High-Energy Physics will become Open […]

19Jul 2013

The SCOAP3 model is built on redirecting funds currently used to pay for subscriptions to participating journals to support their converstion to Open Access, as well as to cover APCs in existing Open Access journals. Our global network of National Contact Points is now moving the process ahead at full speed. In the last few […]

21Jun 2013

SCOAP3 is on track to meet its target start date of January 1st, 2014. At a recent meeting in May, the international SCOAP3 partnership reaffirmed its commitment to SCOAP3. The initiative, with the full support of CERN, is now ready to move to its next step: signing contracts with publishers and establishing the consortium. In […]

28Jan 2013

Taiwan joins SCOAP3

January 28, 2013

The Physics Research Promotion Center of Taiwan has expressed its interest in joining the SCOAP3 consortium, representing the contribution of Taiwan. With this new participation, the SCOAP3 partnership now includes several hundreds libraries in 31 countries. Collectively, these partners have pledged 85% of the SCOAP3 budget envelope of 10 million Euros/year. A network of National […]

04Dec 2012

South Africa joins SCOAP3

December 4, 2012

The South African Library and Information Consortium(SANLiC) has become the most recent partner to join SCOAP3, pledging financial support to this innovative Open Access operation, representing the contribution of South Africa. The participation of SANLiC is important for the long-term success of this initiative, further expanding its global reach. The SCOAP3 partnership now counts hundreds […]

10Oct 2012

Following the successful launch of the SCOAP3 initiative at CERN on October 1st 2012, and as the initiative moves into its implementation phase, LYRASIS has been identified as the SCOAP3National Contact Point in the U.S.. In the SCOAP3 funding model, libraries, library consortia, research institutions and funding agencies will re-direct, on a national basis, resources […]